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Abbey air rifle group is a group of like minded target orientated air rifle enthusiasts of all ages, who enjoy the sport for both its challenges and its social aspect, The site is open and wind can be a problem or a challenge depending on your outlook.

We can accommodate up to 16 shooters at the benches which afford some cover from the elements, and also room for standing and prone shooters, there is site access seven days a week with most activity taking place on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

You are welcome to come along and give the site a try before joining, please use the contact form below.

sorry not taking any new    members at present

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Who We Are

About Abbey Air Rifle Group

Abbey Air Rifle group have been running since the mid 90s, and are a small friendly group of like minded air rifle target

shooters, who enjoy the sport for its challenges and also its sociable aspect.

The site is large and open, so winds can be a challenge to your skills, there are plenty of targets both resettable, and standard

target holders, there are also bells etc if you prefer some audible feedback for a bit of fun.

We have covered bench rests to accommodate up to 16 shooters at one time, the site is accessible daily seven days a week,

during daylight hours, main meet days a Tuesdays and Saturdays from mid day on.

 All members are required to have personal air gun insurance cover by a specialist

insurer, this can be obtained for as little as £26 a year.

To join us please contact via the emails shown. The subscription is £36 for a year.

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Please contact Abbey Air Rifle Group with  Questions, comments or special requests?

Using  the emails below, We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.


Blackborough End, King's Lynn  UK


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