Members Info Page

The range building is now finished with its new roof, doors and flaps that give excellent protection for the winds and we have plenty of stools for seated bench rest shooting,

please remember to close them once you have finished shooting as this protects the structure from the strong winds we seem to be having recently, i have had to repair the roof a couple of times already despite battening, there is also a solar powered LED lighting is fitted for those dark winter days...please remember to switch off after use.


Members cheaper pellet scheme is currently in operation please contact Dave or Dick for further information.

                 AMENDMENT TO GROUP RULES.


Pleased be advised that the range is unsupervised and all safety matters and its monitoring is down to the individual member, No responsibility is taken by the range committee for any accidents, As responsible adults you agree to monitor your own and others safety while attending the range as part of the membership agreement, any juniors attending will always be accompanied by a responsible adult who will be solely responsible for their safety.

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